Whole-Home Generators

Always Have a Backup Plan

Always Have a Backup Plan

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Power outages can happen at any time. While most only last for a few hours, are you prepared for an extended emergency? Generators have come a long way over the years. To review your options for a whole-home generator installation, turn to the pros at Oxbow Electric, LLC in Evansville, IN.

We work with a wide variety of generator models from leading manufacturers. Call 812-431-8988 now to get a free quote on your whole-home generator installation.

How can a backup generator help?

Installing a generator will do far more than just keep the lights on. A whole-home generator is capable of powering all of your vital systems. Gain peace of mind knowing you have a backup plan to power:

  • In-home medical equipment
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Heating and cooling units

We'll help you choose the right model and get to work right away. To discuss the process of installing a generator in detail, speak with us today for a consultation.